Lauren Klein


I am currently a senior in the Textile Design Undergraduate program at Rhode Island School of Design. Originally from Maryland, I have a formal background in oil plein air painting in addition to drawing with a variety of media. My work primarily focuses on concepts of family, nature and organic growth, and the play between contrasting elements in my life and American culture. Currently I am most interested weaving as well as pattern and surface design. My style is very fun and playful and I am very drawn towards bright colors and bold shapes. Contact me for any questions!

Artist Statement


Preoccupied with concepts of adulthood and future lifestyle and career and getting ahead, it becomes important to slow down during the week. In actions that require leisure, like walking or reading or weaving, more things, objects or thoughts, can be noticed, learned, observed, and transformed. Pablo Neruda was a poet that made this observational slowness his body of work. He wrote dozens of Odes to Common Things, a chair, a wrench, a saltshaker, socks. Considering details and symbolism of an object, its history, and its life in tandem with ours. The sonder quality of this way of thinking feels comforting in the rat race of the constant competition that is the collegiate lifestyle. The ways to detach, step out, escape, from the irregular routine (or lack of routine) in life through the careful consideration of objects or landscapes around become important and meditative, either because of comfortability, memory, feeling, color, or experience in a place or around an object.

In my work, I create visual odes to places and the things in those places that make me experience the aforementioned feelings. Feeling a little corny like Neruda, I find meaning and beauty in the meaning of common objects and common places and communal places. The way that the day comes together to produce a moment so coincidentally beautiful feels powerful in each place that I consider. The objectivity of the natural, or unnatural landscape whether it be a beach or a pizza shop window or a restaurant or a flower in a flower pot, keeps me level and observant, paying attention to details of my environment that have nothing to do with me.



Advanced knowledge of automated weaving technologies such as WeavePoint, Pointcarre, and E.A.T.
Advanced knowledge of machine knitting, hand weaving, and fabric silkscreen techniques
Skilled oil, acrylic, gouache, and watercolor painter with proficient drawing skills
Strong design sense, strong ability to differentiate differences in color
Advanced knowledge of fiber properties and dyeing techniques
Proficient in the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign etc.)
Strong knowledge in Microsoft Excel, Word, etc. 
Advanced knowledge in gallery management and necessities for exhibition set ups
Thorough experience in customer service including over the phone service and food service
Knowledge of food service systems, including health code protocol, customer satisfaction, POS systems, familiar with different types of cash/credit registers

Work Experience:

Valdese Weavers                                         June 2017- August 2017         
Contract Design Intern                                           Valdese, NC

Worked closely with designers in the Contract and Residential design departments to create new fabrics for current lines, organized fabric collections, worked with sales support and customers, developed my own fabrics in a portfolio project, and learned from personnel in each department of the mill.   

Walter Bartman                                             June 2016-September 2016
Fine Arts Intern                                                      Glen Echo, MD

I set up still lives, managed class supplies, demonstrated painting techniques, and helped contribute to critique for painting classes held by the artist, Jordan Bruns. I also helped to hang and curate shows held by the studio where classes were held.

Rhode Island School Of Design                     September 2015-Current
Teaching Assistant                                                  Providence, RI

Helped students understand projects in drawing studio, assisted the professor with critique, kept the classroom organized and clean, was available outside of class to help students with their projects, and helped to teach drawing skills to students.

Yellow Barn Studio and Gallery                      March 2010-Current
Assistant Gallery Manager                                 Glen Echo, MD

Cleaned gallery space regularly for upcoming shows, helped to curate shows for specific themes, helped to set up shows, monitored gallery space during weekend exhibitions.